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17 отзывов, отсортированных по датепо полезности


дата свадьбы — 18 августа 2018

Крутяк работы. видно уровень - БОГ. Почему так дёшево ?! Такие работы должны, как минимум миллион стоить!
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    Mariia A

    дата свадьбы — 08 сентября 2018

    It was a charming experience (and from my point of view is a good sign from the Universe too) to be photoshot on our wedding day by IVASH studio! It looks like that not only a couple chooses the photographer, but he chooses you too. And like that it works completely amazing! The weather in Verona and Garda, the atmosphere, love in the air and emotions, the team of Volodymyr - altogether worked out into just stunning and to the moon and back romantic photos) I could not even imagine that for me and especially my husband would be so easy and natural to make so intimate photos in front of the people, we saw for the first time. But from the moment Volodymyr and his great team entered the room of bride- I was immediately sure- that it would be a great fun! We already got our photos and sent them around the world to our guests and relatives (Brasil, USA, UK and Russia) - Can you imagine how precisely the photos were examined?))) I am very thankful for the team and I would definitely recommend IVASHstudio for such an events!
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      Sanjith S

      дата свадьбы — 06 июля 2019

      We had an amazing experience with the entire IVASH photography and videography team. Indian weddings are long and eventful, and they were there, capturing us and our friends and family, beautifully. The creativity shows in all of their pictures. Overall, they are a team of professionals who will make sure you remember how amazing your big day was.
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        дата свадьбы — 07 июля 2018

        Finding wedding vendors is extremely hard and stressful part of wedding planning, but I cannot stress enough how fortunate my husband and I were to have found Ivash and super talented team. Ivash and his team were extremely professional, flexible and the quality of their work was beyond spectacular and superseded all expectations. My husband and I got married a little less than a year ago, and to this day we keep getting asked who our photographer was and his contact information. Our wedding day was absolutely amazing, and we cannot thank Ivash and his team for capturing all the essential moments and giving us amazing pictures to cherish forever.
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          Shaivi S

          дата свадьбы — 01 июня 2019

          So much fun!! Ivash and his team did my engagement shoot and then did our wedding in NYC!! We had a fusion wedding with 7 different events in 3 different locations and they were always so flexible. Ivash is super fun and quirky - he made all of us laugh during our photos and asked us to get as comfortable as possible so that he can get the best shot. We LOVE our wedding photos and we have gotten so many compliments on them. He was sure to capture all the best moments. Working with Ivash was so much fun and we are so happy we made the right decision!
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            BP D

            дата свадьбы — 12 апреля 2019

            Volodymyr is by far the most creative and artistic photographer we have encountered. He went above and beyond to give us absolutely beautiful and unique photos from our wedding day. It was a pleasure to watch him work his magic! And, we got our photos back so much earlier than expected which was such a treat!
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              дата свадьбы — 01 марта 2019

              I am so happy I discovered Ivash and had the honor of using him as my wedding photographer!! I can’t put into words how happy I am with my pictures! I absolutely love every single one. His work is so beautiful & unique. I was blown away by the quality of my wedding photos. He is able to capture the beauty of all moments... even the crazy party pictures were BEAUTIFUL!!!!! His creative eye is unmatched and it shows in his work. He’s not your average wedding photographer.. he’s special! Thank you Ivash for everything. You were super easy to work with, communication was a breeze, and you made everyone comfortable! We were grateful to have you! I can’t wait to use you again.
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                дата свадьбы — 08 февраля 2019

                I spent so much time looking for the perfect photographer and had high hopes for Volo; even with our high expectations, Volo still completely blew us away with his work. Volo flew out to shoot our wedding in Hawaii (at no extra charge!) this past March. He did a photoshoot the day before our wedding as well as photos on the day of, and all I can say is I'm literally speechless at how beautiful the photos turned out. Both my husband and I were not used to being photographed, but Volo made sure we were comfortable and captured incredible candids of the entire day. He was professional, prompt, friendly, and managed to capture genuine moments without us even noticing. We got our day-before-the-wedding photos within 2 weeks and our wedding photos within a month. Volo's work is literally art - I would highly recommend him to anyone!
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                  дата свадьбы — 07 декабря 2018

                  While we were looking through different wedding photos in the Internet, we were absolutely amazed by the works of IVASH. After reviewing his entire portfolio, we had no doubt that to take our chances with him and that we can trust him with one of the most imoprtant days for us. IVASH can really find the moment for picture. All photos that we have recieved are not alike and have their uniqueness, with their own peculiarity and charm. Given that a classic wedding day with a photo session is impossible to make without posing (it seems to be true) you will not see it in IVASH's photos at all. If his photos were a video, we would say that the camera is in constant motion, there is no static in the scene, everything is alive. And that what we have in our photos! Live action takes place Interesting angles and compositions give the feeling that you are watching footage from the movies. We are grateful for the work in which our photographer put his heart and gave us such a memory. Oleg and Ekaterina
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                    Am J

                    дата свадьбы — 01 декабря 2018

                    Volodymyr's photos of our wedding came out beautiful, we showed it to our family and everyone loved it. There were many candids and portraits, both were done very well. We got the pictures in full promptly one month after the wedding and also had a few great samples that he gave us the week following the wedding which I really appreciated.
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                      Arif M

                      дата свадьбы — 20 октября 2018

                      Ivash was the photographer for our wedding festivities in Richmond, Virginia. He and his team were great to work with. Ivash is patient, responsive, proactive, and does high quality work. He has a keen eye for working with whatever surroundings, and even props, are available to him to make the perfect shot. For example, he found a tiny garden in the hotel grounds for our photoshoot that we were not aware of initially, and from the pictures one would think we were in a palace. He is flexible and able to respond quickly to the situation. Our wedding had no planned family photo sessions, but we got all the pictures that we were hoping for. Ivash’s experience and instincts are clear from the quality of the photos. We received our edited photos about three months after our wedding, and the pictures were amazing. The cost for his team’s services was very reasonable. I would highly recommend going with Ivash and his team for your wedding photography needs.
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                        Anastasiya Y

                        дата свадьбы — 16 ноября 2018

                        We were following for Vodumur, as a photographer, for a long time and wanted him to be on our wedding. He fulfilled our expectations, photos are great and very sensitive! In the process, everyone was very friendly, helped with posing and the atmosphere was relaxed. His studio also organized a video shoot for us, the result is simply wonderful! I highly recommend Vladimir Ivash and his team
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                          Elsa T

                          дата свадьбы — 20 октября 2018

                          Having the best photographer to capture our wedding was very important to us. We scoured the internet looking for someone we thought would take pictures that were more than just portraits but rather could capture the essence of our wedding day. We had a small family wedding in Italy, as well as a small friend wedding in Greece. For both weddings Volodymyr arrived promptly, chose offsite locations for scenic photos, was flexible with schedule changes, and stayed throughout the night of festivities. He did a fantastic job capturing the intimate moments between us, the feelings of our loved ones, and details throughout the day. These two weddings had very different feelings but somehow Volodymyr captured the emotions and atmosphere of both perfectly. We are so happy with the work that Volodymyr Ivash and his team did for both of our destination weddings. What stands out the most about Volodymyr is his willingness to go above and beyond for the treasured shots that we will relish for the rest of our lives. He knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to inform the photographed subject of what to do. He puts the people in front of his lens at ease through his calm demeanor and practiced skill. It is evident that he cares very much about his craft and continues to work to be better each day. We are so thankful to Volodymyr and his team for encapsulating the two most amazing days of our life. We highly recommend his photography services to anyone searching!Read Less
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                            Bella Rose B

                            дата свадьбы — 13 октября 2018

                            By far the best wedding photographer out there! I can’t say enough good things about this team. They are so incredibly talented. They spent so much time getting the perfect photos and creating the most magical moments. The photos and video they got are beyond breath taking and everyone I show them to agrees. Seriously having Ivash Studios was like a dream come true and they were affordable on top of it! I’ve worked as a wedding photographer myself so I have very high standards and I’ve seen some amazing work. They are by far the best I’ve seen so far. They made my wedding day so fun and memorable. I would give them 16 stars if I could.
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                              Halyna H

                              дата свадьбы — 15 сентября 2018

                              Me and my husband are truly delighted with our wedding photos. It's been a month already since we got our photos, but I still watch them and admire. Only such a gifted by God master can capture such lively and beautiful moments. If I were asked for advice on a wedding photographer, I would definitely recommend Volodymyr IVASH
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                                Tetiana S

                                дата свадьбы — 16 июня 2018

                                You can fully trust to this professional guys. The quality is perfect and you will not get primitive photos, that’s something special and amazing every time.
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                                  Apexa R

                                  дата свадьбы — 26 мая 2018

                                  He is the absolute best!! Ivash is so passionate about photography and he's so creative! When I saw my pictures I was blown away!! Definitely worth the investment.
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